Val’s mortified when she discovers that a guest has posted a review on the B&B’s website announcing that a member of staff is HIV positive. As the rumour mill goes into overdrive with the villagers speculating on who it could be, Val takes it upon herself to announce her status to all and sundry in The Woolpack. How will they react to the news?

The tension continues to rise in the Dingle household, with Zak and Lisa at loggerheads over his decision to take Belle to the police. Will the couple be able to put aside their differences to unite as a couple – and as parents?

Although Edna is keen to avoid any fuss on her birthday, Sandy and Harriet throw her a surprise tea party. After Sandy gives her a scratchcard as a gift, Edna throws it away, but when Harriet later finds it, she discovers Edna has won £20,000! However, when Harriet tells the birthday girl about her win, Edna urges her to keep quiet about it…