Val’s meddling backfires big time

Val wants a happy family and she could have had one if she had just been able to accept Amy’s decision to give up Kyle. Amy’s convinced she’s doing what’s best for Kyle, but Val isn’t and that’s what’s come between her and her family. Val had a good thing going with Pollard and Amy, but she has pushed them both away and now she doesn’t know how to get them back. Val turns to Diane for advice, but doesn’t like what she hears – that she will lose everyone if she carries on as she is.

Nicola’s got big family matters to deal with, too. She’s shocked when she sees Rodney’s picture in the paper and reads that he was lucky to escape a prison sentence. What???? What has her dad been up to? Jimmy reveals all – including how Rodney has blackmailed Carl. So, what’s Nicola going to do? Go to the police with the truth about everything? Well, she decides against that, but she’s definitely going to do something…

Ashley wants to do something for Laurel because he thinks things are going really well between them. So, he suggests a night at the cinema. Let’s just hope Unfaithful isn’t showing!