When Val disappeared off to Portugal last year, it turns out she had a fling while she was there. It was something she was hoping to forget about, but that becomes impossible when the lover in question turns up in the village. She’s desperate to dodge him, but Ian makes it his mission to talk to her. Presuming he’s looking to hook up, married Val sets him straight. But Ian doesn’t want that at all – he’s come to tell her he’s HIV positive…

The police come calling for Sam again, and get him and Rachel in a flap over a jumper. When the couple fail to find his Christmas sweater, they’re dealt another blow as the detectives reveal a similar one has been found on the grounds of Home Farm. When secret arsonist Declan is informed of the development, he couldn’t be more thrilled at how things are shaping up in his and Charity’s bid to frame Sam.

When Kerry announces Ali, Ruby and Dan’s pregnancy news, they know they must tell Sean and Amelia before the gossip reaches them.