School sucks for teenage vampires Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry in this horror comedy fantasy. Not only do they have to deal with the usual high-school traumas of bitchy cliques and impossible crushes, there is also a deadly conspiracy to unravel before mysterious bloodsucking foes claim the life of Fry’s vampire princess.

Based on a series of bestselling books by Richelle Mead, this film suffers from a muddled plot. It takes an age to explain the saga’s complex mythology – which involves three types of vampire, the aristocratic Moroi, half-human, half-vampire Dhamphir and irredeemably evil Strigoi – leaving no time to flesh out the characters.

The action is also on the underwhelming side, which is a shame, as Deutch’s heroine Rose has a sassy spark and her intense clairvoyant link with Fry’s willowy Lissa is intriguingly toothsome.