Having given birth after a fall at the factory, Vanessa is in hospital. Her tiny son Johnny is now fighting for his life in an incubator. When Adam, who wrongly thinks he’s the father, dares to try to be positive, Vanessa snaps at him. Spiralling downwards, the vet blames herself for her son’s premature arrival and nothing the doctor can say can change her mind.

When Vanessa notices the incubator next to her son’s is empty, she presumes the worst and worries even more about Johnny’s fragile future. Meanwhile, back in the village, Priya urges Rakesh to tell Kirin he’s the father and to explain why he doctored the baby’s DNA results. But he won’t.

When Emma challenges Ross, he puts on a stellar performance as he fakes concern for his brother Pete’s depression. With Emma fooled, Ross gets to plotting. But what’s he up to?

In the depths of his grief over Val, Pollard tells David he wants to put her dog, Cheryl, down. Can David stop him?