Vanessa and Kirin are rumbled!

*Second episode*

Vanessa and Kirin are seeing each other in secret, but that’s not going to be easy when she lives in a shared house with Leyla and Katie! While the other girls are out, Vanessa’s got her toyboy lover over, but as they are snogging on the sofa they hear a key in the door so Vanessa sends Kirin upstairs. When Leyla arrives with Priya to talk about her wedding to Rakesh, Priya decides to call his son Kirin… Uh-oh, this is going to be awkward! 

Armed with Charity’s Sat Nav, Megan shows Declan that the device has the address of an abortion clinic and accuses his wife of having a termination. Charity, however, is quick to deny the allegation. Who will Declan believe?

Katie tells Andy she knows about the text that Robert sent and asks him why it bothers him so much. It’s a surprise she’s got to ask really considering she had an affair with Robert behind Andy’s back when they were together the first time!