Vanessa and Lucas need Father Vincent’s blessing

Francesca arranges for the parish priest to visit and Vanessa and Lucas quickly bone up on each other’s pasts. Father Vincent is more interested in their future, however, and expresses his concern over Vanessa’s commitment to their marriage. He suggests a few counselling sessions to make sure they’re making the right decision.

Toadie sides with Sonya, and Conner is to stay with Kyle for a few nights. Connor and Kyle hit it off and stay up drinking all night, to Rhys’s annoyance. When Sonya sees how much Toadie is missing out, she arranges for Connor to move back in… she’s off to a pregnancy retreat to have some fun of her own.

Rhys is clearly still upset at Vanessa’s upcoming wedding and takes it out on Connor, though they soon start getting on. However, when Connor unintentionally insults Vanessa, Rhys instinctively punches him. Francesca sees Vanessa’s reaction and starts to get suspicious, asking what this man means to her. Is Vanessa’s secret about to be revealed?