Vanessa and Rhys plan another date

Vanessa is impressed when Rhys opens up to her about his problem father and she offers him a second date. Meanwhile, Lucas learns that Tash is hosting a blackjack game and, struggling to cope with his gambler’s urges, heads off to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

However, Vanessa bumps into him as he leaves and feels the need to talk to him about his addiction. Seeing Lucas needs her support, Vanessa cancels her date with Rhys and makes Lucas dinner instead, while Rhys is left wondering what he’s done wrong…

Tash and Ed set up their blackjack game at the Men’s Shed and start to clean up as their probability theory comes through for them. Unfortunately for Tash, Lucas suddenly turns up and closes the game down, ordering Tash to return her takings in the process. Tash is frustrated but Andrew insists there must be another way to make money from her maths skills.

And Karl can’t see the point of Summer collating viral videos for the paper’s website, until he suggests it as a distraction for his medical colleagues’ younger patients.