Vanessa is distraught when Darren reveals that Max has gone missing as she thinks he must be with Tanya. Vanessa visits Jack at the boxing ring and Michael reveals that Tanya and Max were meeting up in a rented bedsit. Vanessa heads to the bedsit and finds Tanya. Vanessa is gutted when Tanya reveals she’s finished the affair so Max must have run off because he doesn’t want Vanessa.

Vanessa returns home and smashes everything in sight. Carol, meanwhile, has convinced Jack to get Vanessa out of Max’s house so that they can move in. Jack bursts in to Max’s and the sound of smashing glass. Vanessa attacks Jack when he tells her to move out. Carol and Jack remove a screaming Vanessa from the house. Eddie sees the commotion and is appalled by Carol’s callous treatment of Vanessa.

Whitney is in the cafe and orders a bacon bap, but she’s forgotten her money. A guy in the cafe, Lee, offers to pay, but Whitney doesn’t want charity. Later, Lee asks if he can buy her a drink, but Whitney tells him to go away.

Also, Heather asks Shirley to go to an 80s convention. Greg has sold his house to Janine – Tanya and the family will have to get out.