Vanessa feels nothing as Johnny undergoes surgery

*Hour-long episode*

As premature baby Johnny is about to have an emergency op, Adam is out of his mind with worry. But the same can’t be said for Vanessa, who secretly feels nothing. To compensate, the vet researches her son’s upcoming surgery. Later, back at the hospital, Vanessa’s sense of failure as a mum deepens as Victoria is mistaken for Johnny’s mother by a nurse. It’s soon clear it’s too much for Vanessa, who offloads to Rhona, admitting she doesn’t love her little son.

Moira doesn’t want to hear it when Cain has a go at her for leaving him with Kyle. And Zak’s losing patience over the situation too. When Debbie finds her dad up at Shadrach’s grave, can she help Cain to accept Kyle in to their lives?

At the B&B, Leyla is stressed as she needs Pollard out of the way so she can throw the party she’s organised. Tracy saves the day by getting rid of Pollard – but he’s not gone for long! How will Leyla and Tracy talk their way out of it when grieving Pollard bursts in and starts insulting everyone?