Vanessa spontaneously invites Rhys over for dinner when she sees him flirting with Tiffany and, though she makes it clear that she’s not going to any trouble, Rhys is determined to treat it as a date. The evening doesn’t go as he planned, however, as he’s allergic to a spice Vanessa’s used in her soup and he has a nasty reaction. Vanessa tends to him and the couple close in for a kiss… only for Lucas to turn up at the crucial moment.

When Callum learns of the problems Troy has caused Jade as well as his mum, he heads next door to throw a brick through his window, only for Lucas to stop him in time. Later, fed up with the distress his mother is going through, and after talking to Sophie, he decides to fix things himself. He presents Troy with an offer – if he drops the court case, he’ll agree to spend time with him.

Paul nags Susan about the paper’s flagging sales and pushes her to add more popular content. Seeing she has little choice, she asks Summer to write a dating advice column, though Summer is unimpressed. Seeing her dilemma, Andrew suggests she do a bad job so the column is given to someone else.