Vanessa is terrified by Pierce

While Rhona mopes at home, clearly missing having Pierce around the house, Pierce emerges from his car having kipped there. His first port of call is Vanessa’s house, where he plans to return her mobile. Carly lets him in and Vanessa is horrified to see Pierce in her kitchen. When she demands he leaves, Pierce turns angry and refuses to go anywhere until she’s told him everything she knows about Kirin!

When Rhona later hears what happened, it’s Pierce she feels sorry for, rather than Vanessa, and she ends up in bed with him!

It’s time for David to go into hospital again for another dose of chemo. Pollard is by his son’s side with instructions on how to handle it from Jacob, who also asks them to prompt Dylan, who is also a patient there, to get in touch with him. When the men return, Jacob’s shocked as they report that Dylan has died.

Seeing dad Sandy grieving for Edna, Ashley suggest they team up with Arthur to build a play pirate ship in the garden.