Vanessa lets rip at Lucas

Lucas sees just how hard up Vanessa is and offers her some cash but she refuses to take his charity. He also consults Toadie about Paul’s refusal to hire her because she’s pregnant and is disappointed to find that it would be her word against Paul’s. Toadie, however, confronts Paul when Vanessa’s trying to talk him into reconsidering her application, and Vanessa soon realises that it was Lucas who revealed she was pregnant to Paul. She tears him off a strip in front of Kate who feels so sorry for her she offers to put her up until she gets on her feet. And when Lucas objects, Kate tells him he can move out if he doesn’t like it.

Kyle tries to hide the puppy from Jade but she becomes suspicious of his behaviour and, when she overhears him trying to get something gold engraved, she starts to think he’s going to propose. At her birthday party, Jade’s fears seem to be justified when Kyle appears to go down on one knee in front of everybody and she’s about to protest when the puppy runs in! Jade’s relieved that it’s not a proposal but she and Kyle are clueless about looking after a dog.