Vanessa makes new enemies

Since arriving at Holby City hospital, CEO Vanessa Lytton has made few friends. This week she causes even more trouble on the wards when her zero-tolerance attitude towards unruly staff steps up a gear. First in the firing line is Chrissie, when Vanessa insists that the capable ward sister attends a training clinic to improve hygiene levels in the hospital. Matron Judith insists that Chrissie does not need any education in the spreading of infection, but Vanessa forces her hand, meaning Chrissie’s nose is put out of joint when she’s belittled in front of the junior nurses.

Vanessa stirs up even more serious trouble, though, when she confronts Joseph for his lacklustre performance at work lately. Joseph admits he’s been preoccupied with trying to solve stepson Archie’s mysterious death and thinks an overdose of potassium could be to blame.

Unsympathetic to Joseph’s plight, Vanessa slams Joseph for stealing Archie’s medical records and tells him she won’t support his pleas for further investigation at the hospital. With so many staff unhappy with Vanessa – is she facing a staff mutiny before the year is out?

Meanwhile, Oliver fails to fulfil his duties for boss Jac in order to do a favour for Daisha, meaning he may be forced to re-sit three months of his medical training.

Elsewhere, Elliot feels unsupported at the hospital by his staff.