Well, anyone worrying that Rhona the addict would manipulate smitten Vanessa to get what she wants – drugs, drugs and more drugs – need worry no more. It’s Vanessa who’s doing the manipulating to keep Rhona dependent on her. Vanessa comes over all jealous when she hears that Rhona and Paddy are going away for a break. Vanessa doesn’t like the sound of that… she wants Rhona to transfer her affections to her, not keep them focused on Paddy. So Vanessa plays a nasty little trick… She’s got Rhona’s drugs and Rhona won’t get any more of them if she goes away. So Rhona stays home… where Vanessa can have her all to herself. No wonder she looks like the cat that’s got the cream!

Laurel’s looking a little frayed around the edges and Marlon asks Sandy to have a chat with her. He’s supposed to calm her down, but he gets her all excited when he suggests she might find her stolen stuff for sale online. Laurel jumps straight on the computer and thinks she finds Arthur’s games console. She thinks this will lead her to her carjacker, but Marlon’s horrified by her Miss Marple routine and it looks like Laurel agrees to drop the matter.

It looks like Priya and Rachel kiss and make up. Well, there’s no actual kissing or pinky promises to be best friends forever, but they seem to reach an understanding over baby Archie.