Vanessa’s pregnant!

When Adam tells Vanessa there’s no need for awkwardness between them, the vet is relieved. Ever since their one-night stand she’s been on edge and now, hopefully, they can move on and forget about it and focus on the future with their partners. But why is Vanessa feeling so queasy? Realising there must be more to it than the stress of her betrayal of boyfriend Kirin, Vanessa does a pregnancy test and after the third, accepts she really is… pregnant!

Now Chrissie knows her husband was part of the gang that robbed Home Farm and kidnapped her dad, things aren’t great between them! With the marriage in troubled water, Aaron wonders if his secret lover Robert may soon become a free man.

Still reeling from the news of Debbie and Pete’s engagement, Ross can’t keep his emotions to himself. Although no one knows he’s fallen for Debbie, Emma starts to get suspicious as Ross refuses to be happy for the pair who he claims are totally mismatched!