Vanessa sets Lucas up with a date

Vanessa sets Lucas up with Sarah, a friend from her yoga class, and things are going well as they have a drink together at home. Then Vanessa walks in on them and, caught off-guard, claims to be Lucas’s sister to avoid scaring Sarah away with the truth about the baby. Chris arrives and chats to Sarah as Lucas and Vanessa argue about whether to keep the story going, and he inadvertently reveals that they’re having a baby together. Sarah quickly leaves and, once again, Lucas’s date ends badly.

Feeling awkward around Jade after her kiss with Kyle, Kate keeps her distance and unable to confide in her friends she finds herself chatting to Troy at Charlie’s. Believing they have something in common, she allows him to help clear up at the end of the evening, but when Jade arrives and finds Troy alone with Kate, she freaks out and demands he leaves. She then warns Kate against Troy, revealing her past relationship with him and leaving Kate feeling guiltier than ever…

Chris realises Lucas’s relationships are more entertaining than the readers’ questions, so looks to use his boss’s real-life experiences for Summer’s dating advice column.