Vanessa struggles with morning sickness

Despite being over-qualified, Vanessa accepts a job at Harold’s but she’s increasingly affected by morning sickness. Sonya notices her discomfort and presents her with her collection of pregnancy books. Later, when Vanessa learns of Sonya’s struggle to conceive, she comforts her and reminds her of the upsides of not being pregnant.

Despite her sickness, Vanessa is determined to soldier on but soon realises her situation is serious and agrees to go to hospital. Kate calls Lucas to help out but he avoids his responsibilities until his conscience gets the better of him.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to clear the air, Summer apologises to Andrew for kissing Griffin but is thrown when he says she’s got nothing to be sorry for, concealing his true feelings. But, as Andrew tries to concentrate on the band, it’s clear he’s struggling to let Summer go.

And, taking Vanessa’s advice, a troubled Sonya resolves to make the best of things and begins to embrace her baby-free life.