Vanessa tells Adam she’s pregnant!

Vanessa never factored kids into her future, but she’s now pregnant. Toying with the idea of a termination, the vet’s thrown anew when she sees Marlon out with his son Leo. Should she keep the baby after all? Having decided to tell Kirin, she wimps out at the last minute and later tells Adam instead. Will he work out that their night of passion puts him in the paternal frame?

Desperate for a job with Jimmy, Tracy breaks in to Mill Cottage and cleans it! But Jimmy has bad news – the PA job has gone to Laurel, who impressed him with her candour about her drink problem.

Robert’s taken aback when his lover, Aaron, rejects him and insists their affair is over. It’s good news for Adam who’s hoping Aaron will stick to his promise to focus his full attention on the scrapyard from now on.