Vanessa’s absent when Johnny’s alarms start ringing!

Vanessa can’t bear the thought of spending another day gazing into her premature newborn son’s incubator at the hospital. So, instead, she legs it to work, stunning colleagues Rhona and Paddy. Meanwhile, Adam and Victoria are by the baby’s bedside when the alarms start ringing out on Johnny’s incubator. As the medics rush in to handle the emergency, there’s no sign of Vanessa…

As David clears up the smashed-up shop, his heart breaks over his dad’s handiwork. Talking to Priya, the shopkeeper reveals how he feels his dad ‘died’ when Val lost her life. Later, in the cafe, there’s fresh pain for David to contend with when Pollard hands him a cheque for the damage and insists they never need cross paths again.

Kyle now knows Cain is his dad. When unaware Cain finds Moira with the little lad he’s not best pleased. But soon he’s forced to look after his son himself when Moira hotfoots it to the hospital to be with Adam. Cain’s then dealt a shock when Kyle calls him ‘Daddy’!