Vanessa’s back in town

Lucas is thrown when Vanessa turns up in Erinsborough and he’s convinced she’s after his money. He soon discovers, however, that she’s applied for a job at Lassiters and is there for an interview with Paul. Realising that Lucas knows Vanessa, Paul starts quizzing him about her and soon deducts that she’s pregnant, which changes his mind about hiring her. Then, when he learns that his actions have contributed to Vanessa’s financial turmoil, Lucas knows he has to do something to make things right.

Astrid encourages Sonya to take on more injured animals from the sanctuary and Toadie thinks it may help them get over their baby issues. Opting to take on a rescue dog instead they hitch a lift to the rescue centre with Kyle and try to choose one but they’re torn as to which one to select.

Later, while going through Toadie’s video of the dogs, Sonya finally sets her heart on one and is heading over to the sanctuary when Kyle arrives – he’s already bought the very dog for Jade’s birthday! Seeing it as a sign, Sonya decides a dog isn’t the best idea for them anyway.