Vanessa’s expecting a visitor

Vanessa’s expecting a visitor and wants Lucas out of the house as soon as possible. He’s concerned at her behaviour, however, and returns home to check on her, just as her mother, Francesca, walks in! Lucas is introduced as the landlord and suddenly realises Francesca doesn’t know her daughter’s pregnant!

He’s ushered out and Vanessa almost manages to get rid of her mother before she realises, but Chris inadvertently blurts out she’s pregnant as Francesca is leaving. Lucas returns and seeing Vanessa being scolded by her mother reveals that he’s the father of the baby and Vanessa’s boyfriend! Now, Francesca is determined to stay and get to know the father of her grandchild. Lucas and Vanessa will have to keep up the act.

Susan asks Karl to intervene in Bradley and Summer’s relationship and he reluctantly manages to question the deputy editor while the couple are on a date. Bradley is open to him and convinces Karl his intentions are honourable. Susan, however, is unconvinced.

Chris is concerned at Sophie’s behaviour and a heart-to-heart reveals that she believes she’s brought her injuries on herself by acting so rebelliously. Chris tries to reassure her and urges her to move on but Sophie seems set in her beliefs.