Max and Darren find Harry Gold flinging Vanessa’s belongings onto the steps of Max’s house. Max realises that Harry thought Vanessa was sleeping with Darren! Harry soon realises that Max is the culprit. Jodie sees the altercation and is horrified. She can’t believe that her dad has thrown her mum out of the house and she’s angry with Darren for lying to her and dumps him.

Glenda begs Peggy to help her out as a mother. Peggy feels sorry for Glenda despite herself and tries to talk round the girls, but they’re unmoved. Peggy organises a family meal to cheer up Ronnie, but Aunt Sal makes her feel bad that she has none of her own children around her. Peggy resolves to speak to Phil and finds him high on drugs and surrounded by drugs paraphernalia.

Carol meets Lewis in the Vic for her date. Bianca and Ricky turn up to keep an eye on her. Lewis suggests they skip the drinks and go for a curry. Carol is suspicious when Lewis looks nervous when he gets a call and assumes he’s two-timing her. Carol storms out, but Lewis follows her and forcefully kisses her. Carol feigns anger, but she’s secretly pleased.

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