When Rhys wants to progress their relationship to the next level, Vanessa assumes the time has come to spend their first night together. When she arrives at his place dressed to kill, however, she’s shocked to discover she’s there to meet his mother! Fortunately, she makes a good impression and she and Elaine get on well.

Later, Rhys seems to rebuff Vanessa’s advances and she starts to think it’s because she’s pregnant. She turns up at the hospital and confronts him but their row turns to passion in a consultation room. Then, when they hear Karl needs to use the room, the scantily clad couple are forced to hide…

Susan suspects Karl’s written a love song about her and is worried that he still has feelings for her. On the night of The Right Prescription’s performance, Susan steps up in front of the stage and confronts Karl, only to find the song is about their daughters.

Lucas sorts things out with Chris, who helps him with the crib but when Vanessa accidentally sees it she’s not overly impressed. Lucas realises he needs to be more creative and he and Chris use spare parts from the garage to make it into a work of art.