Rhys gets Vanessa to hospital and, knowing how scared she is of giving birth alone, stays with her. Meanwhile, Lucas is trying to convince Francesca that her daughter needs her, unaware that Vanessa’s in labour. Then he realises he’s got several messages on his phone – the baby’s coming!

Back at the hospital, Rhys sees Vanessa through the birth, re-confirming their bond. Her son is born safely and Rhys, realising how much he wants to be part of this family, spontaneously proposes… and Vanessa accepts. Lucas arrives and realised he’s missed the birth of his son, and his chance with Vanessa.

Sonya persists with the idea of a home birth but Toadie’s anxiety continues to increase. As time passes, he persuades Alex to back him up and tries to convince Sonya to go to the birthing centre, but she’s adamant – she’s staying. Then her waters break but something’s wrong, the baby’s in distress. An ambulance is called and Sonya’s whisked off to hospital, but will she get there in time?

And Sheila seems to be taking over at Kyle’s pre-Christmas lunch, until Georgia has a quiet word and she heads over to the RSL leaving them in peace. The lunch is a great success until Georgia’s macho boyfriend Scotty turns up and spoils the fun.