Vanessa’s so tempted to toy with the boy

Vanessa is tempted to take things further with the hot and hunky Kirin, but she still has her reservations. As they enjoy a drink together in The Woolpack, will she decide age is just a number and decide they could they have a future together?

After seeing Marlon and Laurel burning her mummy’s money, April’s even more confused about where her mum has gone. When Bob takes the little girl for a picnic, she runs off when he nips into the shop. She heads over to the garage where she asks Ross to take her to her mummy, but when he tells her to go away he instantly regrets it when he looks around and sees she’s gone. Will she be found or is there a more sinister reason for her disappearance?

Meanwhile, Finn is still upset and struggling to cope in light of everything that’s happened in the Barton clan over the last few weeks so Pollard encourages him to talk to James. Will Finn open up to his dad?