Happiness is fleeting for poor Amelia (Claudia Jessie) tonight – George (Charlie Rowe) may have made the grand gesture 
of marrying her against his father’s wishes, but as soon as he learns he’s been disinherited he’s in a less than romantic mood.

To make matters worse, he’s starting to see Becky (Olivia Cooke) in a different light now, too, as he becomes infatuated with his former nemesis.

Olivia Cooke as the ambitious Becky Sharp

Becky’s head won’t 
be turned, though, as she is far more interested in her plans 
to make money with Rawdon (Tom Bateman) – no matter who she hurts along the way.

Little do the four know, however, that everything is about to change – war is coming, 
and it won’t be without its victims…

TV Times rating: *****