Vaughan battles for Waterloo Road!

Sex, violence and cyber bullying – it’s just a normal day at Waterloo Road!

While headmaster Vaughan concentrates on impressing the students’ parents in order to stop the planned merger with rival school Havelock High, things fall to pieces around him.

Vaughan’s usually mild-mannered son Leo has lost the plot. Leo’s developed a secret addiction to a computer game and goes to extreme lengths to get to the next level. From staying up all night to stealing computers, the final straw comes when Leo attacks Sonya member who tries to stop him mid-theft!

Meanwhile, Bonnie is being bullied by someone sending her vile texts. In a bid to catch the cowardly culprit, Bonnie accuses some fellow students of sending her the anonymous messages, which brings the matter to the attention of Deputy Head, Lorna.

History teacher Audrey is in hot water when her copy of an erotic book falls into the hands of mischievous students Scott, Lisa and Shaznay. They read extracts from the mucky book, which most definitely is not on their reading list, over the Tannoy system, to the shock of the parents and Havelock High visitors!

Elsewhere, George gives messy student teacher Guy a week’s notice to move out of his house. School secretary Sonya’s cancer test results are in – she’s got the all clear but needs to make health changes. Guy, however, mistakenly thinks she’s got cancer, and tells their colleagues. And talented pupil Carrie is injured in the science lab, while the Havelock High visitors are present…