Bellamy is still doing his level best to avoid her, so Gina decides to ask Rob if he can explain what’s troubling her boyfriend. After some probing, he discovers the truth: that Bellamy is suffering from the same heart condition that killed his father and is desperately worried about his health.

Elsewhere, Blaketon (pictured) runs into trouble after agreeing to help Ellen Taylor, one of his Aidensfield Arms guests, track down her longlost son, Barry. When Blaketon discovers that someone is attempting to bump him off, Rob sets off to unravel the mystery.

Meanwhile, David’s attempts at treating Peggy to a birthday celebration for two at the Snug are undone when one of her old flames, Maurice, pays a visit. Swept off her feet, Peggy announces that she will marry him.

With a thief on the loose, Bellamy is dispatched to stake him out. But when the thief runs off, Bellamy is forced to give chase on foot, putting too much strain on his heart…