Vernon surprises Liz on her 50th

Steve is forced to throw a last minute surprise party for Liz when it’s clear that Vernon has failed to organise any kind of celebration for her 50th. Liz is disappointed that Steve took the initiative rather than Vernon, especially when there’s a thin turn out. Vernon manages to redeem himself by presenting Liz with tickets for a surprise trip to Paris and Liz is overjoyed. Michelle and Steve are nearly as chuffed as Liz is when they realise that they will get the house to themselves for a while!

John is increasingly unnerved with Rosie’s unsubtle flirting and he worries how much longer he can keep their affair a secret. Meanwhile, Kevin is frustrated by Sally’s apparent fascination with the schoolteacher, bearing in mind her track record with extramarital dalliances but he’d probably feel far more worried if he realised that he was concerned about the wrong Webster girl!

Leanne is suspicious that Paul kissed her because he knew about her prostitute past and thought she would be an easy lay. But she’s flattered when Paul insists that he made a pass at her because he is genuinely attracted to her.

Also, Jason continues to worry about David, but Sarah is not falling for David’s games.