Vernon will neither forgive nor forget

*First episode*

Vernon has spent the night in the cab office after his bust up with Liz and Craig asks him what his plans are but a miserable Vernon has no idea. Liz is frantic about her missing fiance and she bombards his mobile with messages but to no avail. Jamie reveals that he’s seen Vernon in Roy’s Rolls and Liz heads off to try and talk him round.

Ashley and

Claire make preparations for Freddie’s birthday party but Claire is put on edge when Ashley makes a joke about it being a ‘housewarming’! Ashley is oblivious to the effect his words have had and he goes for a drink with Kevin. But when he returns he discovers that Claire hasn’t put up any of the birthday decorations and she’s nowhere to be seen.

Liam is furious when he finds out that Carla has sacked Joanne without his say so and he confronts her and insists that she let Joanne return to the factory. Carla digs her toes in and refuses but Liam vows not to be dictated to by his sister-in-law.

Also, Cilla and Yana come up with a novel way to attract more custom at the chip shop.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz arrives at Roy’s Rolls to see Vernon and begs him to hear her out. Vernon is unmoved when Liz asks him to come home but she worries about where he’ll go. Liz asks Lloyd to rent his spare room to Vernon and offers to pay the rent but Vernon does a disappearing act…

Ashley is worried when there’s still no sign of Claire and he has to cover as the guests start arriving for Freddie’s party. Claire eventually turns up with no solid excuse for her absence and just as things are settling down, Casey turns up at the door. Ashley is surprised to see that Claire seems to have had a change of heart about Casey and she invites her former friend to join the party.

Tyrone can’t bring himself to trust Paul, despite Molly’s words of warning and he worries that Paul may not have Jack and Vera’s best interests at heart. Tyrone is unimpressed when he finds out that Paul has been encouraging Jack to give up the wheelchair and he vows to have words.

Also, Liam offers Joanne her job back; Cilla asks Leanne for a job at the restaurant.