Cherry is determined to help her old nursing mentor Melanie, who flips when she discovers her late dad Stanley used to visit a prostitute called Carol. She’s later shocked to find Carol (played by ex-Emmerdale actress Lorraine Chase) in her dad’s old house watering plants.

Carol says their relationship turned to friendship and she misses him. She also reveals she’s used the money Stanley left her in his will to set up a shelter for vulnerable young women.

Heston brings Ruth a cup of tea and it is clear that all is not well – she thinks she is a doctor! Lily manages to get through to Ruth as she tells her she’s feeling confused because she’s stopped taking her pills. Ruth is devastated that she’s made a fool of herself again. Later Ruth confesses to Heston that she realises that she’s going to have to live with her condition for the rest of her life.

Sue wakes up with a hangover but is too overtaken with anger to notice as she rants at Simon about his father. Simon returns home at lunchtime where Sue has been frantically baking, Simon lets slip that he knew all weekend that his dad was going to leave Sue. He retreats back to work and returns home in the evening to the sound of Sue crying upstairs.

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