Victoria and Adam do a bunk!

Robert’s stunned by the news of Victoria’s engagement and threatens to get Adam banged up to stop her marrying him. Moira’s also unhappy about it, but Adam won’t listen, he’s going to marry Victoria no matter what. As the threats continue, with Robert vowing to get the scrapyard closed down, the pair decide to pack up and go.

When Robert and Andy work out what’s going on, they rush to stop them. But they’re too late. Adam and Victoria have given their phones to Aaron and left in a taxi. When Aaron refuses to tell Robert where they have gone he feels totally betrayed by his secret lover and warns him that once he catches up with Adam, he’ll kill him.

As Debbie is trying to forge ahead with Pete and swallow her feelings for Ross, she’s forced to go on a double date with the Barton brothers and Ross’s current squeeze Carly. It’s a nightmare all round and only serves to increase Pete’s paranoia about Debbie and Ross.

Ashley’s not impressed with Harriet when he learns she’s asked Laurel to move out. As a row starts, the vicar ends up having a seizure! At the doctor’s Ashley’s gutted to learn he has epilepsy as a result of Victoria running him over.