Victoria and Daz give in to their feelings

Daz and Scarlett hire a sports car to take Victoria out for her birthday. It’s only a two-seater so Scarlett prompts Daz to take Victoria on his own. The pair get lost and end up arguing and Victoria gets out of the car and storms off. Daz follows her to be a barn and they finally give into their feelings. After they’ve done the deed, Victoria is devastated when Daz says it can never happen again and she makes it clear that he can’t just discard her.

Aaron’s miffed when Paddy tricks him into going on his rounds with him and takes revenge by releasing a snarling dog from its leash. Aaron has to control the dog after it corners Paddy and tells Paddy it just needs someone to look after it. Paddy reveals that it’s owner wants it put down and Aaron wants to take the dog, but Paddy tells him he’s too irresponsible.

Natasha and Mark meet with Pollard to discuss renting the barn for a farm shop and they agree a price. David is furious to find out about the change of lease and warns his father that unless Pollard can find him new premises, he’s not going anywhere.

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