Victoria denies seeing any body

Victoria is still having nightmares, but refuses to see a psychiatrist and a worried Daz tells Diane that Victoria told him she saw a body in the lake. Daz and Victoria have a heart-to-heart and he admits that their kiss was mutual, although he insists it can’t happen again. Daz promises to inspect the lake with Victoria but when Diane comes in with a psychiatrist a betrayed Victoria lies that she made the body up for attention.

Zak and Jamie hold the pheasants hostage until Rodney agrees to split the profits fairly and Zak threatens to kill and sell all the birds if he refuses. With his punters growing restless, Rodney reluctantly agrees, but is cheered up by the end of the evening when one of the female guests agrees to meet with him tomorrow. The event is a big success and Rodney and Jamie plan more of the same before Home Farm is sold.

Brenda warns Gennie of the dangers when Gennie tells her she’s going on an 18-30 holiday. Gennie gets Brenda off her back by reminding her of Terry’s imminent return from Morocco, but Brenda is deflated when she discovers that Terry is staying in Morocco to help Jean, who has a broken leg. Brenda wonders if Jean’s injury is genuine.

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