Jack is keen to make Victoria feel closer to her late mum and gives her Sarah’s necklace as a 13th birthday present. But he’s horrified when Jasmine turns up at the farm and reveals that she discovered a newspaper article on his trial for Sarah’s death. Jasmine thinks Jack should come clean to Victoria and tell her that he was found innocent, but he warns her to keep quiet about her discovery.

Victoria is suspicious when she sees the pair together and searches the newspaper archives herself. Victoria demands the truth and Jack confesses to his spell in prison.

A miserable Marlon’s guilt is pricked when Donna reveals how humiliated she feels that the truck was stolen from under her nose.
Marlon tries to surreptitiously question Donna on how much the police know and he’s relieved when Donna reveals they have no leads. Eli gives Marlon his cut of the cash and refuses to listen when his brother insists that the job was a one-off. Marlon lies to a delighted Donna that he won the money on a bet.

Kelly refuses to be dragged down by Matthew’s snide remarks as she moves into Home Farm with Jimmy. After one comment too many, Kelly snaps and reminds Matthew of his string of failed conquests.

Also, Andy tells Jo that he started the fire that killed Sarah; Perdy tells Gray she’s pregnant.