Victoria has a terrifying encounter

*One-hour episode*

Victoria shares a Christmas kiss with Daz and Val is horrified when she catches them. Daz claims it’s Victoria’s fault and Victoria is heartbroken. Victoria follows the teens to Home Farm’s frozen lake to drown her sorrows, but when she drunkenly slides on the ice it cracks and she plunges into the freezing water. Victoria desperately grabs at a hand but realises with horror that it’s lifeless, before Daz drags her out unconscious…

Nicola encourages the villagers to stage a sit-in at the church after Ashley gives his final sermon. Val sends Pollard and David off to a fake meeting with the Bishop but they realise they’ve been stitched up when they see a TV camera crew heading to the church. Pollard is painted as a Scrooge on the local news and feels forced to withdraw his offer to buy the church.

Jasmine is furious when she discovers that Eli and Debbie have kept the money from Shane’s flat and makes them burn it. Debbie is gutted to see her future income go up in smoke. Later, Laurel asks Jasmine about her recent chat with Drake, but Jasmine manages to deal with her.

Also, Edna ends up spending Christmas with the Kings after Lily snubs her.

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