Victoria humiliates Aaron

Aaron arranges to meet up with Victoria to have his wicked way with her and he steals the key to Debbie‘s empty house for their liaison. They begin kissing, but when Aaron tries to take things further Victoria shrugs him off and a desperate Aaron nervously suggests they take things to the bedroom. Victoria realises that Aaron is a virgin and he feels humiliated and trashes the house. Aaron later calls Victoria and warns her not to tell anyone about what happened between them or he’ll harm her family.

Belle is upset when Nathan orders her to stop hanging around Will and lies that his brother hates her. Belle is in pieces and Lisa storms over to the Wyldes for a showdown. Lisa is unnerved by a calm Natasha and she’s forced to back down when Nathan weighs in with a reasoned argument for his actions towards Belle.

Mark surprises his family when he complains that they’re living in a goldfish bowl. Will is gutted when Natasha decide to ban him from going to the sleepover to stop him seeing Belle. Natasha and Mark decide to go camping, but as they settle down a mystery figure watches them from a afar…

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