Victoria is attacked by the drug dealer! (VIDEO)

At the street food van, Victoria is unaware that her trusty new employee Holly, and her drug dealer Simon, have planned to stage a robbery on Victoria’s business to recoup the money Holly owes Simon for drugs. Though Holly tried to call off the heist, Simon is in the van, going ahead with their plan when Victoria arrives.

Believing Simon to be a bona fide thief, brave Victoria tackles him! As they tussle over the cash box, Jai comes by and comes to Victoria’s aid – but not before Victoria is hurt by Simon, who flees empty-handed! Holly is sickened and wracked with guilt when she hears what’s happened, terrified her part in the bungled robbery will be exposed.

When Pete and Finn suss what Ross has done to Harriet’s minibus to try to boost their taxi business, they’re furious. But Pete employs equally dodgy tactics to try to smooth things over with Harriet.

At Mill Cottage, stressed-out Rakesh is dealt a major blow when Ronnie tells him the entire building is riddled with dry rot and needs to be rebuilt from scratch.