Victoria kisses Finn

*Second episode*

Victoria and Finn have written each other’s profiles on an internet dating site so they decide to search for men online while enjoying a couple of drinks. Before long, they are both tipsy, which could be the reason for what happens next – Victoria makes a move on her gay pal!

Edna’s shaken after finding her home has been burgled, while Belle is alarmed when Lachlan sends her an incriminating photo. Later, the troubled teenager tries to strike a deal with Lachlan in order to get him to delete the image…

Andy arrives at Mill Cottage and is shocked to see Bernice has a baby lump and even more shocked when she tells him the bump is the result of the fling they had  earlier in the year and what’s more, it’s twins! Meanwhile, David’s secretly gutted when the children in the kids’ football club take a shine to his co-trainer Pete, and Harriet’s touched by Ashley’s concern as she considers her future.