Victoria lays the blame on Andy

Andy and Victoria are interrogated by the police about the fire and Andy is shocked when they ask him if he started it. Victoria, meanwhile, makes out that Andy is trying to blame her for the fire and she puts the finger of blame on Andy in retribution for her mother’s death by suggesting that although she poured the petrol, Andy ignited it.

Edna is surprised when her estranged sister Lily turns up on the doorstep. Lily reveals that she’s visiting Peter and she decided to drop by. Lily realises that something is bothering Edna, and Edna tells her all about the fire at the Sugdens. She admits that she turned Billy away in his hour of need and she may be ultimately to blame for the fire as she fears that Billy is the culprit.

Katie has had her final divorce papers through and she’s feeling down. Chas tries to cheer her up and she suggests that they go out to celebrate. Katie agrees that it’s time for her to move on from Andy and she has a glint in her eye. Chas gets the distinct impression that Katie already has her eye on someone else, but Katie coyly avoids opening up about her crush on Grayson.