Victoria Pendleton relaunches Home Farm (VIDEO)

Ooooh, Jimmy in Lycra is not a pretty sight, as Nicola and Declan can see all too clearly. But he’s not wearing it for them. It’s for Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton. As the villagers have been saying for weeks, the Tour de France (which starts on July 5) will be whizzing through the surrounding Yorkshire countryside. That’s why Victoria was chosen as the celebrity guest for the relaunch of Home Farm. Jimmy’s beside himself with excitement – and Leyla’s pretty worked up, too… But that’s because she’s come up with a plan to use the relaunch to launch her new wedding-planner business with Megan. Trouble is, Megan has other things on her mind – such as slagging off Charity in front of everyone.

Adam’s plan is to apologise to Andy, who has had surgery on his hand and been told his injuries are so severe that he faces a lengthy recovery period. Full of guilt, Adam goes to the hospital and talks to Andy who, considering the pain and trauma he suffered, is very good about it. Andy tells Adam he should focus on making things right with James and Moira instead. Really? Andy’s not going to tear strips off Adam and vow to make him suffer, too? Well, it doesn’t look like it…

It doesn’t look like Priya will be seeing Dhilan again when Jai takes a phone call about Dhilan turning her down. Priya’s not giving up on finding a husband, though.