Daz returns from his weekend away and tells Jake that Victoria thinks she’s pregnant. Jake tries to make a joke of it, but he is shocked to see that Daz is in tears. Daz takes Victoria out in the car and puts his foot down and tells a terrified Victoria that they’re as good as dead anyway after what they’ve done. Daz says he’ll be a labelled a paedophile and Victoria blurts out that there is no baby. The car screeches to a halt and Victoria says she only wanted Daz to love her. Daz is furious and hurls Victoria out of the car before driving away.

Lisa worries about Belle, who is obviously cut up about her decision to banish Zak and won’t take Shadrach’s attempt to be head of the family seriously. Shadrach tells Lisa that Zak has been spotted in Billericay. Lisa says she doesn’t want Zak to ever return, but Shadrach realises how much she’s missing Zak.

Doug helps Sandy move into Diane’s and they share a drink with Diane in the back room. When Sandy falls asleep, Doug and Diane continue drinking and Diane kisses Doug before realising that she has overstepped the mark. Sandy wakes before either can discuss what just happened.