Victoria stands up for Diane

Right about now, Victoria is wishing she could whisk Amy back into the village to deal with Val and Pollard while she helps Diane wrestle with her guilty conscience. Victoria is furious with Diane for sleeping with Pollard, but she also cares about her… Diane has been like a mother to her and Victoria won’t turn her back on her – although that’s exactly what Val expects her and everyone else to do. Diane’s desperately worried about Val’s HIV treatment and Victoria promises to keep her informed. But what Diane really wants is to have her sister back…

What Jai wants is his son, Archie, back… and he thinks it’s going to happen. That’s got Charity worried… She thinks she can use her, er, charms to find out from Jai what he knows about Rachel’s whereabouts. She fails – but she sees the mysterious Mark and sees a way of finding out what’s going on.

Brenda’s worried about going to court for her mini crimewave, but she’s reassured by Bob, Dan and Kerry’s support.