Victoria stuns Daz: I’ll go out with Aaron

Daz worries when Victoria blanks him at the farm and Andy asks what’s up between them. Daz is relieved when Victoria keeps their secret in front of Scarlett, but Victoria later tells him she’s biding her time. Victoria pays Aaron a visit and asks to be friends again. Victoria tells Daz she’ll keep their secret as she doesn’t want her reputation tarnished and not only that, she intends to start seeing Aaron again.

Sandy is fraught with worry when he hears that Jasmine is being moved to another prison and he demands answers from the authorities. Laurel and Ashley argue that they have no say in the matter so Sandy storms into the village and informs Debbie about the development and blames her for Jasmine’s troubles.

Debbie remembers her promise to Jasmine to look after Sandy and she worries about Sandy’s state of mind. Diane drags Sandy into the pub to keep him out of trouble, but Sandy decides to start a campaign to reduce Jasmine’s sentence. Ashley is decidedly unimpressed when Sandy hires a solicitor to help with their cause. Laurel begs him to understand that Sandy needs to feel he’s doing something and to allow him to continue.

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