Victoria tells Daz about the body

Victoria has spent the night in hospital. Diane worries about Victoria’s state of mind after she screams in her sleep. Diane discusses her fears with Andy and Daz and Victoria overhears and is angry that they think she’s so fragile. Daz confronts Victoria when she refuses to eat and she reveals that she saw a body in the lake. Jasmine and Debbie are rattled when they hear of Victoria’s accident, but don’t realise that she saw Shane’s body.

Rodney is distracted at the illicit shoot by one of the client’s wives and Jamie is exasperated. Jamie is sure they’ll be found out when another client tries to book a meal in the Woolpack. Rodney asks Marlon to prepare some meals at the B&B to keep the clients in one place. Later, Jamie and Zak discover that Rodney has been ripping them off over the game keeping and are furious.

Ashley is disheartened when he’s told the church will only remain open until a new buyer is found. Laurel takes Nicola for a celebratory drink and feels for her friend when she sees how much Nicola misses David. Nicola admits that she is enjoying being the nice guy for once.

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