Victorian House of Arts and Crafts centres on a commune in the Welsh hills where a group of modern crafters move in to experience working together in the 1800s

A new series celebrating the Arts and Crafts movement, which got going in the late 1800s.

Countryfile’s Anita Rani (pictured above) looks on as six artists move into a beautiful house in the Welsh hills to transform its rooms one by one.

The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

The modern crafters at the commune in Wales

Each artist will use their unique skills to recreate objects from the period, which include in this first episode a chair, a silver bowl and some hand-printed wallpaper.

The six are also expected to embrace the political and philosophical ideals of the movement, which was not only to make everyday objects beautiful, but to find joy in your craft and be able to work together collaboratively.

The craftsmanship and objects produced are fabulous, it’s the working together that’s tricky.

TV Times rating: ***