In Victoria’s Palace we discover how Victoria and Albert left their mark on the famous palace

If you’re sad about the current series of Victoria ending, you’ll be captivated by this look at the mark the monarch left on Buckingham Palace, turning it from a neglected building into a symbol of the monarchy.

Julie Etchingham and Sir Trevor McDonald go behind the scenes at the Palace and explore the changes Victoria and Albert made with their renovations, including a new ballroom, kitchens and east wing as well as the famous balcony.

Victoria's Palace

Julie Etchingham and Sir Trevor McDonald

“Victoria modernised the Palace,”says Sir Trevor, 79, “creating a new royal residence and a building at the heart of the British monarchy.”

“They wanted a venue for state events,” says Julia about the new ballroom. “And it soon turned the Palace into an epicentre of culture.”

Victoria's Palace

The Royal Family in 1846

Julie, Trevor and the experts they have on hand also look at key moments in Victoria’s life and how she shunned the Palace after Albert’s death before returning triumphantly for her Golden and Diamond Jubilee processions.

TV Times rating: ****