*One hour special*
Victoria decides to get up to some mischief when Diane forgets to pick her and her mate Jenny up from the youth club and she dares Jenny to go out to a proper club with her. Victoria flirts with an 18-year-old in the queue and Jenny bottles it, leaving a defiant Victoria on her own. Victoria naively follows the lad round the back of the club when he suggests they can queue jump, but it’s clear that he has something more in mind and he tries it on with her.

Meanwhile, Kelly gets Jimmy to send Billy out on a night shift emptying bins in Hotten and Jimmy agrees, not realising that Kelly’s talked Eli into tampering with the brakes on the truck. Billy finds a terrified Victoria behind the club in Hotten and sees off the lad, then offers her a lift home.

As Billy sets off on the return journey, the brakes fail and the truck careers through a fence and into a lake. Jack and Daz, out looking for the missing Victoria, witness the horrifying crash and find Victoria struggling to the surface, while Billy is still submerged.

An ambulance is called and both Billy and Victoria are rescued. Billy heads to the pub to get over the ordeal and is comforted by Jo – who seduces him!