The Doctor and Amy make their mark on history when they pay a visit to the Doctor’s old friend Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) during the Blitz. The nation is being battered by the Nazis, but Churchill has a secret weapon up his sleeves in the form of Ironsides, which appear to have been invented by one of his scientists, Professor Bracewell, played by Bill Paterson.

When Churchill proudly shows off his new ‘soldiers’, the Doctor is stunned to discover that the Ironsides are actually khaki Daleks and rather than assisting the war effort, he suspects they have a much darker plan in mind. The trouble is, nobody believes the Time Lord’s warnings until his legendary enemies spectacularly reveal themselves.

As the Doctor travels to their base, he discovers that they have managed to restore their race and they have created several new Daleks in various colours.

The Daleks light up London making them a sitting target for the Germans, leading Churchill, Amy and Bracewell, who has actually been created by the Daleks, to oversee an epic aerial assault against them.

However, when the Daleks reveal that Bracewell is really a bomb that will destroy the Earth if the attack continues, the Doctor reluctantly calls it off and uncovers Bracewell’s human feelings in order to deactivate the bomb. But the Daleks vow to return…

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